What are my child’s grades?
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Wednesday, February 17, 2016
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What are my child’s grades?

Is your child not bringing progress reports home every three weeks? Confused about why your child has the grade they have? You can access the systems INOW parental portal to see grades 24/7. Need to communicate with your child’s teachers on your schedule? Use the website to send them an email on your schedule also accessible 24/7.


INOW Home for Parents



INOW for parent access is now ready. The website link below will get you to your first login screen.








This login will have a user name and password to get into the system. It will be the same for all users:




Username:  inowparent




Password:  student


This will take you to another login screen that you will enter your user name and password for INOW Login.


Your User Name will be provided by request from your home school.




Your default Password is halecounty1 and you will be prompted to change this to a password of your choice.




The link below will help you with training and information about INOW Parent.


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