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Welcome to the Hale County Guidance web page!

This web site will have important links for current students and parents.



Careers and Colleges
Occupational Outlook handbook
This is one of the top resources for finding out about all kinds of jobs, careers, their requirements, education/preparation requirements, salary,etc. It is updated annually.



Guidance and Testing

Explore tests for the 8th grade- academic results and career exploration
All 8th grade students take the EXPLORE tests in the fall of the 8th grade. This is the first in a series of tests that students will take that is sponsored by the ACT.



Drug Prevention

Time to Talk
A resource for parents in talking with their teens about some difficult issues they face 


prevention of prescription drug abuse
This is a website about preventing teen prescription drug abuse. Teens do listen to their parents when they talk, much more than we think. This is a subject you may not have thought about talking to your teen about. This website has some information on this.



Internet Safety


Health Issues



Study Skills

study skills


study skills



Alcohol and Drug Info

Anti-drug site for Teens by Teens


Alcohol & Drug Sites for Youth


Info and Facts about Drugs


Alcohol and Drug information


Alcohol Abuse information


Children of Alcoholics


American Council for Drug Education


National Families in Action


Partnership for a drug free America


Mothers Against Drunk Driving


National Commission Against Drunk Driving


National Youth Anti-Drug Campaign


Drug Fact Sheet


Helping Stay Away from Drugs/Alcahol



Coping with Emotions after a Disaster


Crisis Prevention and Response


Helping with Disaster


Cancer survival



Partnership Against Violence